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There are many greenhouses and polytunnels on the market. There are big, expensive glass greenhouses, and there are small, cheap plastic-covered structures. At Polyeco Greenhouses, we want to make your choice easier. Our polytunnels' cost per square foot is three times more affordable than the glass greenhouses of the same size.

We only work with a leading polycarbonate greenhouse manufacturer and are the ONLY authorised distributors to the United Kingdom. We offer only the best quality polytunnels and accessories specifically designed for them.

By choosing Polyeco Greenhouses, you will get - personal service from a UK based company, top quality materials, and a beautiful polytunnel that will last many years and provide you with a plentiful harvest.

Let’s Work Together

Unit 8, Alexander Court, Fleming Road

Corby, Northamptonshire, NN17 4SW

Tel: 01473 561072

Tel: 07362 029878

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