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The base

Galvanised steel base is included



Polycarbonate cover

4mm or 6mm twin wall polycarbonate cover. UV protected and long lasting.

The size

2.5m (8 feet 6 inches) wide.

 2m (6 feet 6 inches) to 

20m (65 feet 7 inches) long,

extends in 2m (6 feet 6 inches) segments

2.2m (7 feet 2 inches) tall 


Automatic roof vents are included. 

One vent for two meter section

The Frame

The frame is made from 78mm wide, 1mm thick; OMEGA shaped galvanised steel profiles. 


Every arch has a  pair of one foot long, T shaped ground anchors.

For example, a 2.5m x 6m greenhouse has 24 anchors.

A modern type compact and sturdy greenhouse for everyone who dreams of delicious homegrown produce like fruit and vegetables, which requires a more sheltered environment that the open garden may supply.

The sturdy window panels made of 4 mm (or 6 mm) polycarbonate are lightweight, easy to mount and much more durable than traditional glass without any loss of light transmission and hence the growth.


The greenhouse will fit perfectly in most gardens and prolong the garden season significantly. It is a special and wonderful feeling to enter a greenhouse, and you will soon be looking forward to going inside when you want to attend and nurse your produce – or simply enjoy a little peace.


Roof vent with automatic openers (get free additional vent for every extra 2 m of length) and frame base included.   

Installation video:

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