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The House

The size

2.3m (7 feet 7 inches) wide.

 2m (6 feet 6 inches) to 

20m (65 feet 7 inches) long,

extends in 1m segments

2.2m (7 feet 2 inches) tall 

Polycarbonate cover

6mm pre cut polycarbonate sheets. UV protected and long lasting.


The Base

The galvanised steel base is included.


The front and rear vents included.

Automatic roof vents are available.

The Frame

The frame is made from 78mm wide, 1mm thick; OMEGA shaped galvanised steel profiles. 


Every arch has a  pair of one foot long, T shaped ground anchors.

For example, a 3m x 6m greenhouse has 24 anchors.

Extremely strong and sturdy greenhouse with 6 mm polycarbonate panels for extra strength. With this elegant and maintenance free greenhouse, you can extend the garden season and enjoy your own homegrown produce like fruit and vegetables. Please note the extremely high snow load of 480 kg/m², which makes the greenhouse suitable for areas with heavy snowfall. You can order one or more extensions for this greenhouse!


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