Automated roof vent for HOUSE

Automated roof vent for HOUSE

  • Window for ventilation
  • Automatic opener for easy ventilation
  • 6 mm polycarbonate window
  • Window frame in galvanised steel

A ventilation window with automatic opener helps you make the perfect growth conditions inside your greenhouse. Ventilation is crucial when you want to regulate the temperature and humidity. To achieve the best possible indoor climate in your greenhouse, the automatic windows will open when the temperature inside the greenhouse reaches 17⁰ C. At 30⁰ C, the window opens in full. When the temperature falls, the window starts to close. At 17⁰ C, it will close completely. Having one or more ventilation windows prevents the temperature from getting too high even for a ‘hothouse’ – and help regulating the humidity at the same time.


Not for sale individually, can be only added together with HOUSE model greenhouse.


    Width:   0.48 m.

    Length:  0.69 m.

    Material:  Polycarbonate

    Frame:  Galvanised steel tubes

    Colour:  Silver

    Weight:  2.4 kg.

    Box dimensions:  48.0 x 4.0 x 72.0 cm.